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March 2010 Hit of The Year 2010: ACMS recommended by "Gazeta Bankowa"

On 11th March in Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw "Gazeta Bankowa", largest Polish banking magazine, gave awards in their IT contests: "Financial Institutions IT Leader 2009" and "Hit of The Year 2010 for Financial Institutions". Advanced Cash Management System ACMS received Recommendation in the "Solution" category. It's worth mentioning, that it was the only one recommendation in cash management field.

Advanced Cash Management System (ACMS) allows banks and financial institutions to automate and improve cash management in different operating models; however the best effects are achieved if an institution follows operation model similar to the one presented below. After conducting three full implementations and six pilot implementations of ACMS in banks, the data confirms, that the System, besides providing many other tangible benefits, in the first place significantly reduces company’s operating costs. Taking into account the reduction of just two basic costs, such as outsourcing cost and cost of “frozen” cash, the average monthly savings generated by the System is on the average $100 per point. In a bank with 500 branches and 1500 ATMs this translates into 2.4 million dollars of yearly savings.

March 2009 ACMS distinguished by Alior Bank

In the interview for CEO Magazine, Cezary Smorszczewski, vice-president of the bank, and Robert Midura, Operating Director, appointed ACMS system as one of the main elements to take advantage over competitors.

"As far as cashflow is concerned, we are finalizing implementation of cash management system with full possible options, including statistic methods of forecasting and optimization, so as to make the dependence between transportation costs, costs of frozen cash in branches and sorting offices and outsourcing costs optimal" - Robert Midura said.

Alior Bank started its operation activity on 17th November 2008. It gained 77 900 customers, who brought 1 277 000 000 PLN of deposits. It allowed the bank to give 305 000 000 PLN of loans. Alior Bank opened also a Private Banking Center and a brokerage office, which services already over 1000 customers. The company employs 1751 employees.

December 2008 Signing an agreement between Cama-Soft and Bank Ochrony Srodowiska

On the 22nd of December 2008 Cama-Soft and Bank Ochrony Srodowiska signed a contract for implementation of basic version of Advanced Cash Management System ACMS.

Bank Ochrony Srodowiska is a state-controlled bank, servicing their customers in over 100 branches. Advanced Cash Management System will be used for providing communication within the bank's structure and with outsourcing companies along with partial automatization of the cashflow management processes, e.g. accounting, reporting and automatic generation of buying and selling cash from/to other banks.

November 2008 Implementation of ACMS system in Alior Bank SA accomplished

Along with the start of operation activity of new Polish bank, the implementation of Advanced Cash Management System ACMS in Alior Bank S.A. has been accomplished.

Alior Bank is a universal bank, servicing all market segments in two business areas: retail and corporate. Bank plans to open 200 branches and over 400 agencies. The bank capital is 1 500 000 000 PLN. The headquarters of the bank is located in Warsaw. Technical and operating centers are located in Cracow.

Alior Bank is the biggest investment of this type in Europe since 30 years and one of the biggest direct investments in Poland. Since the beginning of its operating activity, Alior Bank is placed amongst 10 biggest banks in Poland as far as capital is concerned.asnych.

November 2008 Singing an outsourcing agreement between Cama-Soft Sp z o.o. and Bankomat 24/Euronet Sp. z o.o. concerning optimization of ATM supplies

On the 17th of November 2008 Cama-Soft Sp. z o.o. and Bankomat 24/Euronet Sp. z o.o. have signed a contract for automatic generation of optimal plans of ATM supplies.

Bankomat 24/Euronet sp. z o.o. is a company which belongs to Euronet Worldwide group, which is a global leader in processing secure electronic financial and payment transactions. Their service segments include financial institutions, mobile operators, merchants, and money transfer sending and receiving agents. The company operates one of the largest independent ATM networks in Europe.

August 2008 Signing an agreement between Cama-Soft and Nordea Bank Polska

On the 31st of July 2008 Cama-Soft and Nordea Bank Polska have signed a contract for implementation of advanced cash management system ACMS.

Nordea Bank Polska is a dynamicly evolving bank in Poland. Presently, the institution comprises over 100 departaments. Till the end of next year, Nordea Bank Polska is planning to open another 50 departaments.

July 2008 Signing an agreement between Cama-Soft and Alior Bank

On the 10th of July 2008 Cama-Soft and Alior Bank have singed a contract for implementation of advanced cash management system ACMS.

Alior Bank will start operating in the second half of year 2008. During the first three years Alior bank is planning to obtain 2-4% of the financial makret and gain trust of million of clients. Alior Bank is a versatile bank providing services in all segments of the financial market in two business structures - retail and corporate. Alior Bank is prepering well priced and innovative offer of products, which will be availible in all departaments and via the Internet. During the first period Alior Bank will open 80 bank departaments grouped in 10 regions in 50 biggest cities and in 8 business centers (US) / centres (UK). The goal of Alior Bank is to open 200 departaments and over 400 agencies. Alior Bank workgroup contains over 500 people. On the opening day Alior Bank will have 800 employees. The number will increse till the end of this year reaching 1000 people. The main goal in the three year perspective is to hire 3500 employees.

Alior Bank is the biggest investment of its kind in Europe in the last 30 years and one of the biggest direct foreing investition in Poland. Since the begining, Alior Bank is one of the 10 biggest banks in Poland in the terms of own working assets.

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