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Cama-Soft specializes in creation of various IT solutions that enable optimization of economy and operational processes for the banking and logistics industry in order to reduce the costs of our clients; enable improving system construction processes that improve the client service quality and maximize data application.

The flagship of Cama-Soft is Advanced Cash Management System (ACMS). This system allows central management and optimization of cashflow process in various access points, such as bank branch, ATM, deposit ATM, sorting office, outsourcer, Central Bank etc. Highest level of automatization and unique solutions, including artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic, bring many benefits to the clients, but the most important is cashflow cost reduction.

The company was established in 2005, but since 2001 the company founding fathers have been constantly working on creation of a system that would optimize the bank machine cash inserts and that would reduce the operation costs of these devices.

Not only is the unique technology the main Cama-Soft strength, but also a dynamic and professional management team, carefully chosen staff and efficient work organization.

Krzysztof Wingert, co-owner and founder of Torell, specializing in equipping shops and offices and between the years of 2000-2005 the managing director of the Polish division of Sharp Corporation Japan, joined the Board of Directors as the main shareholder of the company, on the 1st August 2007.

The programmers' team is led by one of the company's founders, Lukasz Zeligowski, who is experienced in delivering IT solutions for Citileasing and Pekao S.A. He also worked in German bank Bankhaus Metzler AG as a team leader and expert in IT projects concerning modernization of the bank.

The Research & Development Department is led by Dr. Andrzej Buller, who holds Ph.D. in automatics, as well as Ph.D. in psychology. He was an assistant professor at the Technical University of Gdansk (1988-1996), a Fulbright scholar to University of California, Berkeley (1994-95) and a leader of the research team at Advanced Telecommunications Research, Kyoto (1999-2006). He submitted 23 patent applications and two times won the Award for Outstanding Creativity.

IT programming superiority. In the process of programme construction the company applied the "extreme programming" mechanism and manages processes via "miniature milestones", because it allows clients to collaborate within all the stages of the project and makes the project progress faster.

The company employs analysts and programmers, the additional abilities and experience of whom include: finance (banking, accounting, stock exchange), data transformation (statistical data, data analysis, forecasting, etc.), systems connection ("legacy systems"), higher mathematics (operational research, artificial intelligence, neuron networks), logistics (shipment chain management). Team members have gained their experience during the process of realization of various IT projects for banks, government agencies and logistic companies.

Company history

02.2005 - Cama Soft sp. z o. o. founded by Andrzej Belczak and Lukasz Zeligowski (KRS 0000228981).

02.2006 - Maciej Wilhelm joined the company as an investor and shareholder.

03.2006 - the company moved to Pomeranian Science and Technology Park (PPNT) in Gdynia, that gathers over 60 different companies from various modern technology fields (IT, biotechnology, environment protection and industrial design)

10.2006 - Cama-Soft placed first in the Pomeraian Innovation Leader competition in the Innovative Product category - ACMS Advanced Cash Management System. The Pomeranian Development Agency, the Pomorze Province authorities, Gdansk Technological University, the University of Gdansk, Market Economy Research Institute, Marine Technology Centre S.A., Strahclyde European Partnership Ltd. (Scotland) and RTC North Ltd. (England) have organized the aforementioned competition.

08.2007 - Krzysztof Wingert joined the company as an investor and main shareholder.

09.2007 - Cama-Soft Inc. in Chicago, USA, founded. 100% of its capital belong to Cama-Soft sp. z o. o.

10.2007 - Cama-Soft started its first big project, which was a dedicated system for logistic optimization for Eden Springs Poland, one of two biggest companies delivering water to companies in Poland.

07.2008 - on the 10th of July 2008 Cama-Soft and Alior Bank have singed a contract for implementation of Advanced Cash Management System ACMS.

07.2008 - on the 31st of July 2008 Cama-Soft and Nordea Bank Polska have signed a contract for implementation of Advanced Cash Management System ACMS.

11.2008 - accomplishing the implementation of Advanced Cash Management System ACMS in Alior Bank S.A.

11.2008 - on the 17th of November 2008 Cama-Soft Sp. z o.o. and Bankomat 24/Euronet Sp. z o.o. have signed a contract for automatic generation of optimal plans of ATM supplies.

12.2008 - on the 22nd of December 2008 Cama-Soft and Bank Ochrony Srodowiska signed a contract for implementation of basic version of Advanced Cash Management System ACMS.

KRS 0000228981, The Reginal Distrct Court Gdansk-North, VII Economical Department of the National Court Registry, The company capital: 782 500,00 PLN

Co-financing by UE The project is co-financed by European Union - European Regional Development Fund
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